About Tammy

Tammy "EyeLive4Beauty" Williams has been a make-up connoisseur as early as her high school career.  Her love for MAC make-up and passion for various make-up application techniques, quickly evolved from just another hobby to a full fledged career.  Tammy eventually started her make-up career at MAC and after just two years at one of the most popular cosmetic retailers in the world, she not only earned an advanced training certification, but she quickly became an independent make-up artist and consultant for various clients.

Tammy's make-up techniques are not only impeccable but her skill level is unmatched.  She is truly an underdog in this industry with the knack and ability transform "anybody" into "somebody spectacular!"  Tammy also offers make-up application courses for clients who want to learn how to properly pack a make-up kit, shop for appropriate make-up products, sanitize their equipment and she tests her students on timing, technique and efficiency.

Although she only offers classes to new artists and is no longer a freelance makeup artist, a light bulb idea flashed. New resources started to present itself and she wanted to jump on board. She knew the sky was the limit.



As technology started to evolve and techniques begin to change she began to start posting her work on social media. During that time, In October of 2015 she had a new vision. Her passion of support blossomed to a platform known as Instagram. She wanted to not only continue to share her skills in artistry but to also share others with the same passion and skill set. She knew that a boost of a re-share would gain exposure to those she shared on her platform. As her platform grew so did the opportunities. She begin reviewing products for up and coming brands and posting cosmetic content for future audience purchases. Her mission was assured when brands begin to ask permissions of artists to include in their makeup campaigns and websites. She strives to keep this motivation going and to expand ways to better assists beautiful women and men within her niche. Her further goal is to also assist those whom wish to become a greater content curator and display their full potential. She has gained great knowledge with webdesign and blogging strategies. In the future she wants to help build websites and/or blogs to better expand her clients artistry and career missions. Growth and support is a must in her eyes and she plans to see it through to the end.