Are You A Planner Girl?

How Do You Stay Organized?

As a Beauty Blogger time is very important alongside being organized. Before I started planning I wasn’t really sure how I kept things in order. I was on Youtube one day and came across some yearly planners that will help me stay on track of things. Now, not saying I found the right one immediately but it sure did take some time before I found what works best for me. I joined a couple of planner facebook groups which also helped me with seeing what others had and what I thought would also match my planner needs.

I have about 6 planners but the brand that I use that I felt matched me personally and functionally was Kikki K. I have 1 Large Black Planner, 1 Medium Black Planner and A Black Pocket Planner but not by Kikki K. My Pocket planner is from Filofax. Each one serves a different but very important purpose. My large is for my business and social media. My medium is for my personal day to day life and my pocket is for shopping, bills, receipts and gift cards.

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