Building A Makeup Kit?


We’ve all been there with struggles at trying to find what works for you as a newly or established makeup artist. I worked for MAC cosmetics for 2 years which allowed me to stock up over that period of time. Now days more self taught artists are rising more than ever but still need a little guidance. We see the hottest products and of course we wanna go out and buy it. In due time the kit grows but the resources for more wide range items and organization may fall short. My advice it to take the time do more research and budget to be able to purchase the important items to help you along your growing career.

In the meantime I will offer some resources that helped me along my journey. I know things can be tough but don’t let it complicate things and cause you to become frustrated. Below I will list a few site links that may help you along the way. I will also attach my shop below of things that I find very helpful and budget friendly.

My shop below offers traincases and etc