How To Become A Beauty Blogger

Okay, Beauties. I don’t know about y’all but trying to gather info like this is not easy. Asking those in this same business was like pulling teeth. Well, I am here to spill some tea on the most important ways of becoming a beauty blogger. The information I’m going to provide should most definitely help you get the ball rolling on starting your passion in this business. This road is far from easy because it took some time for me to be knowledgeable and comfortable to share. This post alone is over a month in the making LOL. Please don’t skip out on any of the information that I will reveal below as it has made my blogging experience simple and less complicated.

Are you ready? Okay let’s jump right in


I am not even about to fake on information regarding this app. We all know by now it is a blessing and a curse. Since 2016 the dynamic of this platform has shifted drastically. Even with that said it could still benefit in the long run. Nowadays you can’t just post and be assured that it will get the traffic you desire. You now have to think out of the box, have a theme, post-click bait type of content, or be exceptionally original. You see where I am going with this. Instagram can be an awesome tool if you know what you are doing. Please use the platform to your advantage. Engage with your audience, comment on others pages, post interesting content, utilize Insta Stories, have a great bio, set up Instagram highlights, be consistent and etc. You can also do giveaways and Instagram collaborations to also help with the boost of traffic. Instagram has 1 billion monthly users, there is no excuse. There are tons of sites that offer themes to help to make your Instagram nice and eye-catching. Make sure what you post is something that your followers will love and engage. Check out my Instagram blogger profile.


If you have a strong desire to be in full control of your content, this is an awesome step. You can incorporate so much to have financial freedom in the long run. Sites like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace ( my favorite) are all good options. Blog spaces like WordPress and Blogger are also a start. I use Squarespace because I don't have to worry about updates, hosting, plug-ins that go down by not upgrading and coding. Squarespace does a lot for me. if you need to incorporate code with Squarespace you can but mostly it isn't needed. Easy right? Sure is. If you need help with this segment like the design and a little deeper info on getting to know what may work best? Contact me.

Google Adsense

In time you wanna get paid correct? Duh, of course, That's what it's all about. Google Adsense is just one of a few things you can add to your site to help you get paid. It's a source for ads to be placed on your blog or website to generate income by views and clicks. It's easy to sign up but some requirements may be needed before it can be added. Once it's added you can attach your website and/or blog and start placing ads. When I started with this I looked to trusty YouTube for help on setting it up correctly. There are tons of videos that will help walk you through step by step.


Yes, Pinterest. I know what you are thinking. Why is Pinterest on this list? Well, folks put it like this. Pinterest is a Visual search engine. Opening an account or utilizing the one you already have can be crucial for traffic and sales to your website and/or blog. With Pinterest, you create boards (Niche) and then add pins (Images or re-pins) to that Board. Just like Instagram when the content is great and helpful it can either bring a lead to your site or a potential sell. See where I'm going with this. This can be that funnel to great traffic. It's also great for tips on how to blog and etc as well. Give it a shot. It has definitely helped me. Check out my Pinterest to see what I'm talking about. P.S if you are able to get a Pinterest business account please do so for helpful tools like analytics. It will help you know where your traffic goes and what pins are most helpful to others.

Repost App

This part will be short but important if you are a blogger. Find a free Repost App (phone app) to repost quotes, images, and videos on your Instagram that are along the same lines as your platform. Doesn't hurt to help boost others and share great content. Remember great content is key just make sure you copy the caption and give credit where it's due.  

Post Scheduler

I can't stress how important an Instagram, Pinterest, Blog Scheduler can be. The good thing is with Instagram you can actually share to your Facebook and Twitter when you post something to Instagram. However, there are times when you aren't available or don't wanna spend all day online to share something. Apphi (phone app) is the app that I use for Instagram. I still use the free version just fine. We all love free right? LOL. Apps like Loomly, Buffer, Hootsuite and Later are also great to name a few (some offer pro accounts). Spend mins or hours to create posts, schedule and go on about your day. If these don't work out to your liking Google is always your friend. New apps pop up all the time. Take some time to research what is best for you and your content goals.


Now Tailwind is still fairly new to me. This app is used with Pinterest to schedule pins and etc. I'm sure you don't wanna spend hours on end pinning either. This will definitely help if you need to upload your blog posts and photos to your Pinterest and etc. Look into if you feel it will be valuable. In the long run this can be.  


Come on now,  I don't have to tell y’all about Facebook. I will say this, keep it clean if you have folks on your personal page. Utilize the Facebook page option to also help grow your website and blog. The boost feature can be helpful if you have the budget for it. It will help find people interested in your material. Post and be happy. Sharing and posting is the biggest on this platform. Don’t be afraid to share via Facebook.

Influencer Apps

This topic here is major if you love creating content and have a website as well. How this works is you sign up, create a profile by attaching your social media platforms, bio and etc. The apps allow you to either find campaigns of your niche or brands will find you. Some apps also give you an idea of your social presence, areas of improvement and what you can earn. Keep in mind not all campaigns aren’t paid. Some brands offer product exchanges for a post just like Instagram.

Check out Muses(Phone App),, Glambassador and Social Bluebook to start.

Affiliate Marketing

This step is also great for earning commission on sales by sharing brands products. A lot of companies within the beauty community offer this. Brands like Sigma Beauty, Ulta Beauty, BH Cosmetics, Beauty Bakerie, and Sephora are just a couple to mention. If you are a makeup artist/beauty blogger then this is an awesome way to generate more income by sharing the brands you love while receiving a commission to do so. If you are into fashion try Shop Style, ShoeDazzle and etc to start.  If you are uncertain if a brand offers affiliate marketing just go to their direct web address and scroll all the way to the bottom and look for affiliates.


Having great content and engagement is one of the major keys when being approached for a potential sponsorship. Brands Browse through profiles daily to seek who may be a great fit for a potential campaign they are launching. Now, this is where it gets tricky. Some brands may reach out to you and offer a product for you to review with pay but also want you to pay a discounted rate. BEWARE of deals like that as it doesn’t benefit you just the company. Now Legit brands will offer you the product with pay with a mutual agreement for posts across your platform. Once you agree please adhere to the rules that are set. Also if you don’t like a brand after the first run you should not agree to another term. Keep it honest with your audience. Create good content for the brand as agreed and things will flow smoothly. The better you are the more opportunities will follow.


For me I don’t see as many people on Twitter like before. Is this still a great tool to utilize for traffic? Yes, If you are consistent. A glance at a image with a link attached can do great for traffic to the right destination. You can also place hashtags inside of your tweet to gain more exposure from those who do not follow you. It is very easy to engage with your followers on this site as well. Users like the ability to be able to see and read within a few seconds before scrolling so make sure what you are posting is of value to the possible new follower and existing one. Take the time to reply and retweet when needed and just have fun with whatever you do. Search hashtags to engage in quick replies and answer questions that you feel you can answer. If you follow these steps there is no limit to the traffic you can gain.

Well Beauties, That’s a Wrap

As I end this blog post please remember, everything mentioned above may not work for everybody and certain sites may not be suitable for what you have in mind getting in this business. With that said please utilize what you feel will be the best way for you to get started and be financially stabled to your liking. Use Youtube if you are truly unfamiliar with any information stated above. Did this happen for me over night? No. After Months of research and dedication I can finally say I am in a happy place with my brand. tips and strategies mentioned above helped me beyond my imagination. Take what works and share this post to anyone who is also looking into ways to becoming a blogger in any niche/and or brand that they establish. I hope these blogger resources help you as much as possible. Good luck and remember if you need more assistance and help please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for reading. EyeLive4Beauty XOXO!!!