Proceed With Caution

Shayla X Colourpop #2

Aight Beauties, so I wanted to take my time to give my input on the second MakeupShayla X Colourpop Collab. Everyone that knows me knows that I stan for Shayla hunnie. I love her ethic and her consistency with products and etc. Now I will say this, It’s not better than her first collection with them but I am still a fan of this collection. This collection to me was more on the warm side of things. She even added some nice lip pencils and 2 cool blushes that I truly love. I can’t lie, I was scared of the blushes at first from the swatches I saw via Instagram but when I got them in my hands I just knew I was gonna love them.

This collection includes:

1 Palette of 9 Colors, 2 Lip Pencils, 2 liquid lipsticks and 2 blushes

Overall this collection is a keeper. I missed out on the PR package with her first collab but this time I didn’t hesitate. Having both of her collections makes me a happy sista. The colors blend nicely, The lipsticks are soft to the lips and the blushes aren’t too harsh or too light for my completion. On my more chill days I love that I can wear the lip kits and the blushes and be fabulous. Check out the slide show below for pics of my first two looks using this collection and the products and packaging itself. Until next time Beauties :-)