The Beauty Brand

I’m Pretty sure everyone has heard about this beauty brand by now. However if you haven’t let me school you a little bit. I came across this brand around 2016 I believe. I used to see this beautiful lipsticks floating around on Instagram called Socialite and Arabian Night. That same year i purchased those two colors during the Black Friday sale that they had. I turned serious heads wearing those Lipsticks when i stepped out. From that point I became a fan.

Let’s fast forward to 2019. So a sista decided to chill on twitter a little harder due to the jacked up Instagram algorithm. I was uploading some looks I posted on IG and begin coming across some talented artists. We were sharing each others looks and the new followers were pouring in. Someone retweeted that Colouredraine was looking to add new talent to their PR lists. I was trying hard to get on Anastasia’s at the time but i said, Just go for it. I tweeted them some of my latest looks and moments later got a DM wanting to add me to their list. I was SHOOKETH. Never did i imagine being put on their list. I can finally say I am now apart of the #RaineSquad. Thanks Again Colouredraine

Colouredraine is a brand that started in 2013. The owner Loraine wanted to produce a brand that encouraged diversity, self-expressions and create shades to women of color. This line is cruelty free and vegan which a is plus in today’s industry of beauty. They offer Eye-shadow Palettes, Liquid Lipsticks, Glosses and regular Lipsticks. Joining Loraine’s makeup live chats on Instagram gave me an even better understanding of what she and her brand stands for. I will always appreciate someone who takes that time to let her favorites understand her product process and the behind the scenes beauty updates with new item productions.

The first week I received the full PR package I just had to dig in and create a look using the much desired Queen Of Hearts palette. I have been eyeing that palette for sometime and now that I have it I have to say they DID THAT. The shadows are just as pigmented as described from other owners of the palette. I was already hip to the lipsticks so I knew those wouldn’t be a disappointment. Her color choices in the palettes can absolutely cater to anyone who loves shadows. I will be forever grateful for her hard work and consistency in this field.